Terms of Service

1. The service

The service is provided and monitored by xatProject ("xatProject.com"). The service was created with the intent to provide radio players for xat groups only.
Registered users are able to upload their own radio players (as in HTML5 files). The radio players pass through a human verification process before they are set visible to the public.
This human verification process ensures that the radio player complies to the terms of service.
By using our service, you agree to the terms stipulated here. Please read them carefully.

2. Using the service

You must publish content suitable to all ages. Any material or reference considered inappropriate will be rejected.
You may not create more than one account to upload your players.
You will not misuse the service. The service purpose is to allow radio players only. Any other material that is not related to xat will be removed within notice.
You will not modify the player once it is uploaded to the service.

3. Uploading content

You will not upload hateful content. Hate speech, threatening, graphic violence, or any type of content that incites violence is not allowed.
You will not upload inappropriate content. Any material that relates or refers to nudity or pornographic will be rejected accordingly.
You will not upload malicious content. Radio players should be clean to their main goal, which is to play music. Any additional code will be analysed and risks rejection.
You will not upload copyrighted material without written permission.
You will not upload content developed by other users from the community without permission. Any content that collects material from an existent content risks rejection.
You will not upload content that requires external material to be loaded. All images contained on the radio player should be in the player file ("HTML5").
You will not upload content that distributes information to third parties. Any kind of inappropriate and/or malicious script will result in rejection.
You will not make negative reference such as intimidation or unfair competition to any other radio, user or group through your content ("radio player images").
You will not make commercial reference to external sites through your content. Any type of advertising will be analysed and risks rejection.

4. Permitted

You are permitted to include the link of your radio website to the content as long it is the radio site. If you link to external sites, your content risks rejection.
You can make reference to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages as long as they are appropriate to the terms of service.
Your content may include: your radio name, your group link, play button, pause button, volume button or lever, music title and artist name, contact box or mail reference, name and ID of the player developer.
Your content may include links or buttons addressed to xat.com and its permitted sites.
The only external reference appropriate to include on the radio player is your radio IP and the API to get the artist and music title that must come from your radio site.
Please note that if by any means those are modified in malicious ways or appear to be inappropriate, the content will be removed within notice.

5. The terms

Last updated on Octuber 10, 2023.
If you do not comply to these terms, your content may be removed. If abused, your account may be suspended from using the service.
You should look at the terms regularly. The service provider reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time without further notice.
These terms of service will be governed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany (host service) and with the Federative Republic of Brazil's law (service provider).
If these terms of service are available in other languages than English, the English version will prevail.

6. Copyright infringement

We are not responsible for the content published by the user, as the content is neither developed nor distributed directly by xatProject ("xatProject.com").
All the data we allocate in our service may be monitored under our terms of service and under any applicable law. If deemed inappropriate or illegal, the content shall be removed.
In any circumstance of violation, the representative should contact the service provider in order to resolve the copyright infringement.

7. Security

Your xatRadio account and password is your sole responsibility.
All the accounts and content are stored within and secured by the service provider. Any user is allowed to upload ("publish content").
We recommend that you have a unique password for this service ("xatRadio.com"). USE A DIFFERENT PASSWORD FROM YOUR EMAIL OR XAT ACCOUNT !!!
We do not recommend you download any file or content from the service because the only type of file allowed can be run by browsers.
We do not recommend you follow any instructions informed by public content, such as disabling protections, installing apps or downloading files. These should be reported immediately once they violate our terms of service.
The service provider enforces the security through the service, but cannot guarantee that the information and content between you and the service will be completely secured due to the nature of the internet. The users use the service at their own risk.

8. About us

The service provider xatProject ("xatProject.com") and other users involved with xatRadio.com are not affiliated or associated to xat.com in any way.
The information collected from "xat IDs", "Chats where the player will display" and surveys are for research, analysis and testing purposes.
This data is collected with the sole intent to improve the quality of the service and may be exposed to the public unless such requested information is stated as personal or private.
We cannot guarantee that our service will not display errors in this stage of production.
In case of any harmful occurrence (both to users and the service provider), drastic measures may be taken (service maintenance, player removal or user suspension).
Maintenance for uploading and user registration may be regular. The service is focused on providing radio players for xat groups, which will be the top priority (i.e. their availability).
Reported content will be monitored by the service provider and we may take action to remove the content without further notice.